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Products for Safe, Clean Air in the Biomedical Industry

Formaldehyde Generator/Neutralizers for Biological Decontamination

Remote, Program-Controlled Decontamination

  • Model 1414RH* Formaldehyde Generator / Neutralizer is an automatic, self-contained, portable instrument that has been in successful use for more than 20 years.
  • Model 1414 RH Formaldehyde Generator / Neutralizer with 100-200 CFM, adjustable circulating blower cart for use in decontaminating Bag In/ Bag Out housings
  • Model 5K LAB Generator has a circulating blower that operates during the decontamination process, with an explosion proof motor capable of 200 CFM.
  • Learn more about formaldehyde generators/neutralizers.

Companion Product: Safemod / Safescan
Ultra High Efficiency Containment Filter Modules

The SAFEMOD may be changed safely with their normal changing procedure. A SAFEMOD used in conjunction with the Formaldehyde Generator/Neutralizers enables the decontamination of the installed filters prior to the opening of ductwork components, thereby enhancing safety for the maintenance personnel.

Quiet-Air Safe Air Unit

This recirculating filter/blower unit is designed for critical spaces such as labs, bone marrow transplant rooms, patient isolation rooms, tissue culture rooms, and animal containment areas.

Formaldehyde Generators, Models 1414RH and 5K

1414RH and 5K MODELS Formaldehyde Generator/ Neutralizers for Biomedical Decontamination.

SAFEMOD/SAFESCAN Safe air Filtration System

SAFEMOD® / SAFESCAN™ Safe Air Filtration System.


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