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Quiet-Air Clean Air Unit

Clean Air at Any Location with Less Than 60 dBA Noise Level

Quiet-Air by Nextek is a recirculating filter/blower unit designed to clean the air in critical spaces. Typical applications include labs, bone marrow transplant rooms, patient isolation rooms, tissue culture rooms, and animal containment areas. Quiet-Air converts a dirty lab to a clean lab, and office spaces to operating room conditions.*

*Operating Room Conditions are specified by each state. Most U.S. states require 16 air changes per hour through 95% filters. The 99.99% filter of the "Quiet Air" exceeds this specification. At the 1000 CFM setting, a room of 3750 cubic feet would have 16 air changes per hour.

  • Clean Air Without the Noise
  • Wall Mounted Control Panel with Filter Gauge
  • Variable Speed Blowers
  • ETL Listed: Power Ventilators
  • Conforms to UL STD 705
  • Ducted and/or Free Return Through Ceiling
  • Terminal HEPA Filter, 99.99% Efficient on 0.3 Micrometer Particles
  • 115v or 230v Operation

Quiet Air Installation

Quiet-Air Specifications

The recirculating filter/blower unit shall be "Quiet Air" by Nextek, LLC, Model Numbers BMT-10 or BMT-20 and shall operate at less than 60 dBA noise level.

The "Quiet Air" unit shall be constructed with 16 gauge galvanized steel. The blower shall be mounted on spring type vibration isolators. The blower compartment and plenum section shall be lined with a 2" thick sound isolating foam meeting Class I fire regulations.

The blower shall be 115 or 230 volt and shall be variable speed. A wall mounted control panel with a gage indicating final filter pressure drop, a speed controller, airflow indicator, and on/off switch shall be provided. The airflow indicator is to be activated by a pressure switch mounted on the unit.

The pre-filter shall be 55% efficient and shall be accessible from within the room through the return air grille. The final filter shall be 99.99% efficient on .3 micrometer particles and shall have a protective face plate installed on the room side to prevent accidental puncture.

The return air plenum is designed to mate with a typical 2' x 2' lay-in ceiling "T" bar.

available models
Model No.
(H x W x D)
No. of Terminal Filters
24 x 24 x 50
800 - 1000
24 x 24 x 50
1600 - 2000
2 - 3

Control Panel
Quiet-Air Control Panel Features
  • Connects to Supply Air to Room
  • Recirculates Supply Air and Room Air Through 99.99% Filter
  • Does Not Affect Building Air Balance




Quiet-Air filter/blower Unit
Quiet-Air filter/blower unit for clean air in critical spaces

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