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Nextek manufactures the patented 1414Rh and 5K models formaldehyde generator/neutralizers, SAFEMOD air filtration systems, and the Quiet-Air clean air unit. Nextek has provided clean air solutions for animal health, biomedical, and medical research facilities and agencies in North America and around the world. Clients include the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Animal Disease Center, the National Institutes of Health, and agencies of the Government of Canada.

Nextek is committed to continuing to provide Certek's patented, quality products and repair services. Nextek, LLC, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is dedicated to serving the biomedical industry and looks forward to further innovations and accomplishing more in the future.

Nextek is a corporate member of the ABSA (American Biological Safety Association).

Nextek Products:



1414RH and 5K Formaldehyde Generator

  Models 1414RH and 5K Formaldehyde Generators for biomedical decontamination.
  Safemod Safe Air Filtration System
  SAFEMOD®/SAFESCAN safe air filtration system.

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