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Formaldehyde Generators

Formaldehyde Generator/Neutralizers for Biological Decontamination

An industry proven solution for biological decontamination.

  • How effective is formaldehyde decontamination? An independent verification study was conducted by Battelle, under contract by the United States EPA. The following excerpt appears in the Performance Summary: "'The 1414RH unit promoted a significant decrease in viable spores for all three organisms on all seven test materials."

Battelle Memorial Institute Research Studies for the EPA

The Nextek Model #1414RH* Formaldehyde Generator / Neutralizer is an automatic, self-contained, portable instrument that has been in successful use for more than 20 years.

Model 1414RH Features

  • Remote, program-controlled decontamination
  • No Electrical Sparks in Formaldehyde Laden Air
  • Pilot Lights Indicate Sequence Stage
  • Permits Remote Operation
  • Permits Decontamination of Filter Systems
  • Allows Programmable Contact Time of 1/2 Hour - 10 Hours
  • Permits Convenient Decontamination
  • Achieves Desirable Relative Humidity
  • "Pop Off" Water Lid to Relieve High Pressure
  • Fail Safe System:
  • Unit stops if high back-pressure is sensed, or with loss of power
  • Lid Open indication for water canister
  • Permits proof of formaldehyde / neutralizer generation

Model 1414RH Specifications

  • Construction: Aluminum chassis, stainless steel cabinet
    Weight: 55 pounds
    Capacity: 240 grams per canister
    Power: 115v, 60Hz or 230v, 50Hz, 1 phase
  • Control: Sequential/programmable timers
    Valves: Stainless steel
    Piping: Stainless steel, vinyl
    Pump: Oilless, continuous duty

Model 1414RH with Blower Cart

The model 1414RH with Blower Cart unit was developed to meet user demand for decontaminating Bag In/ Bag Out (BIBO) filter housings and larger spaces. The blower cart is equipped with a 100-200 CFM hazardous environment, spark resistant blower, mounted on a stainless steel cart for portability, that circulates the formaldehyde-laden air into the space being decontaminated. The 1414RH generator can be used remotely with or without the blower cart unit. If your facility already owns and uses the model 1414RH unit you can add the blower cart unit to boost the performance of your 1414RH generator. This has been a very popular model internationally for use in avian flu research.

Blower Cart Specifications:

  • Construction: Spark resistant aluminum blower with explosion-proof motor, stainless steel cart and blower housing
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
    Connections: optional “cam-lock” type fittings compatible with BIBO housings included.

MODEL 5K LAB Generators

The Model 5K Generator has a circulating blower that operates during the decontamination, with an explosion proof motor capable of 200 CFM. The incoming air to the generator is heated with an inline heater to enhance the ability of the air to absorb formaldehyde gas. This heater is designed not to allow direct contact with the formaldehyde laden air and a spark that may create a hazardous condition. A built-in humidifier increases the relative humidity of this air to a minimum of 60% prior to formaldehyde insertion. Depolymerization of the paraformaldehyde and neutralizer occurs in aluminum canisters mounted on the top of units. These components, along with the controls, are mounted on a cart with casters for easy movement. A control panel containing all the controls and indicators is mounted on top of the cart. A computer-type controller is utilized to control the various functions of the generator. The message center, mounted on the front of the control panel, indicates the progress of the cycles.

Model 5K Lab Generator Features

  • Programmable Contact Time
  • Controls May Be Connected to the Building Control System
  • Fail Safe Systems, Unit Stops if Any of the Following Occur:
  • High back pressure, preventing the insertion
  • Low airflow
  • Loss of power
  • Canister lid is open
  • Emergency high temperature of any heater component
  • Power requirement: 230v, 50A, 50/60Hz
  • Capacity grs. paraform: 200-3000

Safety Option: provide hoses and connections with switches to prevent cycle start in the event of a loose connection

Construction: materials in contact with formaldehyde-laden air are #304 stainless steel and aluminum.

Companion Product: Safemod / Safescan

Ultra High Efficiency Containment Filter Modules

The SAFEMOD may be changed safely with their normal changing procedure. A SAFEMOD used in conjunction with the Formaldehyde Generator/Neutralizers enables the decontamination of the installed filters prior to the opening of ductwork components, thereby enhancing safety for the maintenance personnel.

SAFEMOD Features

  • Modular Filters for Hazardous Applications
  • Handled as Completely Contained Module
  • Available With Particle and Gas Phase Filters
  • Factory Tested to Ensure Integrity
  • Modular Construction Permits Multiple-Size Installations

Typical Installation With Multiple Modules

Learn more about the SAFEMOD / SAFESCAN system.

Formaldehyde Generator/Neutralizer General Operating Protocol (all models)

The space to be decontaminated is measured and the volume calculated in cubic feet. The space is then sealed. The relative humidity inside the space is measured or sensed, depending upon the model. The Nextek Generator / Neutralizer generator is then connected to the space with the appropriately sized connections. The humidifier, formaldehyde, and neutralizer canisters are then loaded with the proper amount of material as calculated using the formulas in the operating manual or the amount determined by other evaluations. The generators are then programmed with the operating sequence choices as determined by the operator and then started by pushing the "Start" button. The space is then conditioned to the proper relative humidity. After this is accomplished, the generator starts formaldehyde insertion. The amount of air required to insert the formaldehyde/neutralizer is circulated through the generator when the insert sequences are active. After the formaldehyde insertion cycle, the generator holds for a preselected contact time. After the contact time, the generator automatically begins the neutralizer insert cycle, inserting the neutralizing gas into the space. At the conclusion of this cycle, a preset one hour neutralizer contact cycle begins. When this is complete, the space may be reopened. The product of the reaction between the formaldehyde and the neutralizer is a white powder, which has a slight “fishy” odor. For safety, the space should be ventilated and air samples taken prior to occupancy.

Built-in safety features in all of the Nextek generators permit completely automatic operation without the necessity of a technician’s constant attention.


Nextek, LLC warrants that this instrument will depolymerize paraformaldehyde and neutralize formaldehyde in the contained space, when it is used according to the operating instructions provided. No warranty is made, expressed or implied, concerning the biological decontamination of any spaces.



Formaldehyde generator model 1414RH provides biosafety decontamination.

1414RH MODELS Formaldehyde Generator.

Model 1414 Rh with Blower Cart

Model 1414RH with Blower Cart.

5K MODELS Formaldehyde Generator/ Neutralizers

5K Model Formaldehyde Generator/ Neutralizer

Safemod Filter Module

Ultra High Efficiency Containment Filter Modules

Safemod Installation

Typical Installation with multiple modules
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